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How to contact Nüli customer service?
How to contact Nüli customer service?
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You can contact customer service at:

💡 If you are currently subscribing to Nuli App, please open Nuli App directly and click on the sign on the top right corner of the home page to contact us right away!

💡 If you are not currently a Nüli App subscriber, please click here to contact us through Nuli official website at the bottom right corner of the chat box.

When you contact us without logging into your Nüli account, you will be asked to leave your Email (second picture below). After you send us a message, you can leave the website without waiting online, and your message will be saved and our customer service staff will reply to your message in order. You can come back to the conversation at any time to check your message, or go to the Email address you left to check our reply! 🙂

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