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How do I track down my fitness progress?
How do I track down my fitness progress?
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All Nüli app users can use the Progress Picture function to track down the body shape progress. 💪

Click on the last tag "Profile" on the main page, then choose "Pictures" on the up right corner. You can upload pictures in different postures, and come back to track down the progress later on since these pictures would be listed by date. 😊

We also have the Collages function available! You can choose 2 pictures from uploaded progress pictures or from your photo library, and put them together to have a closer look for comparison. 🙌

If you wish to set up pin code for view security purpose, please go to Profile page and click on ⚙️ on the up right corner. Scroll down to active Pin Code function accordingly.

💡 Please check your setting beforehand and make sure that Nüli app is allowed to access photos and media on your device.

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