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Why do the videos freeze or delay on loading?
Why do the videos freeze or delay on loading?
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If the videos get frozen or delayed on loading very often, it's highly possible that your internet connection is unstable or spotty. Please try below steps and see if it helps. 👇

  • Make sure that your device is connected to a stable and well-functioned 4G/5G/LTE or WIFI internet connection.

  • Close unnecessary APPs run in the background. Also, please turn off the Mobile Hotspot function on your device.

  • If you were using WIFI connection, please try to play the video with a 4G/5G/LTE internet connection. If you were using a 4G/5G/LTE internet connection, please switch to WIFI connection instead.

Please feel free to contact with us if the problem remains after trying above methods. We are more than happy to help you further. 🤗

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