💡 First of all, kindly be reminded that there are 3 different subscription platforms, which are Nüli Website, App Store, and Google Play. If you have received a charge from Nüli, but you do not see a subscription plan in your phone setting( app store subscription), that means you are currently subscribed through the Nüli website.

If you are subscribing through the Nüli website, you can click here and log in to check your subscription plan! 🙌

🤔 How can I check my subscription plan in the App Store?

  • iOS (App Store)

1. Go to “Settings” on your cellphone or tablet.

2. Tap your Name, and then tap "Subscriptions".

3. Choose Nüli app as the subscription that you want to manage.

  • Android (Google Play)

1. On your cellphone or tablet, open "Google Play Store".

2. Check if you are signed in to the correct Google account.

3. Tap the "Menu" and then tap "Subscribe".

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