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Immersive training mode instructions
Immersive training mode instructions
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Immersive mode is suitable for users who want to not click next on the phone during the exercise. Through the immersive mode, you can just follow along with the workout, you will not need to manually click anything on the phone in the middle of the training. Immersive training mode is also the only mode that comes with music for programs.🥳

After you enter the program, just simply click on the icon at the top right to switch to Immersive mode.

Immersive mode instructions👇

📍Quit the workout, manually complete the entire workout

💡 Once you click on quit workout, your training progress will be kept in the app and you can come back at any time to continue your incomplete training 🙌.

📍Pause the workout

💡 If you only want to pause training for a short period of time and do not need to leave the app, you can click on "Pause workout" in the above picture; if you need to leave training for a longer period of time, you can click on " quite workout" in the last picture, so that you can leave the app and open it again at any time to finish the unfinished training 🙌.

📍See tutorial、swap ecercise、swithch to other traning mode

📍 Manually increase the rest time between sets:

💡 If you think the rest time between sets is too short, you can manually increase the rest seconds 😊

📍start music、pause misic、change music, turn off audio cues

💡 If you don't want to hear the timer sound, you can turn off the audio cues and you won't hear the timer sound anymore 🙌 🙌

📍View all the workouts

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