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Guided mode is suitable for beginner users. If you are a beginner and not familiar with the exercise. You can pick the guided mode and do the workout according to your own speed, after completing the required number sets, click the button to continue the next exercise.

After you enter the program, just simply click on the icon at the top right to switch to guided mode.

Guided mode instructions👇

📍Click on the 3-dot button to choose between switching training modes, audio cues setting, quit the workout, and completing the workout manually.

📍Pause the workout, see the tutorial, go to the next workout

💡 If you only want to pause training for a short period of time and do not need to leave the app, you can click on "Pause workout" in the above picture; if you need to leave training for a longer period of time, you can click on " quite workout" in the last picture, so that you can leave the app and open it again at any time to finish the unfinished training 🙌.

💡 Workouts are divided into "seconds" and "reps" training methods, in the "reps counting" workout, users can according to their own suitable training speed complete each workout, and after completing the reps, simply click on the " next workout" button to continue with the next workout 😊.

When doing the "second-counting" workout, the app will automatically go to the next workout after the specified number of seconds, users do not need to manually press "go to next workout by themselves!

📍Click on the three lines button on the bottom right to select swap exercise, show train muscle, exercise history, and enter equipment weight.

💡If you do not use any equipment, you don't need to enter the weight. 😊

📍 Manually increase the rest time between sets:

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