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Is it necessary to update my phone to use Nüli App?
Is it necessary to update my phone to use Nüli App?
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In our commitment to consistently enhance the Nüli App's performance, we will regularly release updates and introduce new features. To ensure a better experience using the app and its various features, we highly recommend that you you update your mobile device to the latest version.

Furthermore, please check if your iOS or Android device meets the following minimum system requirements to successfully use the Nüli App!

Minimum Operating System Requirement:



System version

iOS 14 or above

Android 10 or above

(Nüli App is not compatible with ColorOS)

💡 To ensure a smooth experience with Nüli App, we recommend a minimum internet speed of 12-15 Mbps for downloads and 2.5 Mbps for uploads.

Also, remember to regularly clean up junk files and clear cache from your device to improve the app's performance and speed!

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